Management of Programme


Under the guidance of APFED, the Showcase Programme is administered by the APFED Secretariat (Institute for Global Environmental Strategies, IGES) in coordination with the APFED Showcase Facility established that is serviced by the Regional Office for Asia and the Pacific of the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP/ROAP).

Selection Panel

The selection of showcase project shall be made by the APFED Showcase Panel that is supported by the APFED Showcase Facility and the APFED Secretariat. The Panel consists of five members from APFED who were appointed by the Chair of APFED.


Each showcase project will be monitored and evaluated by one of the institutes of the Network of Research Institutes for Sustainable Development (NetRes). A NetRes institute will be appointed to each showcase project by the APFED Showcase Facility Secretariat. The NetRes members are:

 The major tasks of the NetRes institutes include:

  • providing a project implementing organisation offering advice on refining a project proposal, the implementation plan, facilitating its effective implementation, and devising monitoring and evaluation methodologies,
  • concluding a contract with a project implementing organisation,
  • channelling APFED Showcase Programme funds to the project implementing organisation,
  • monitoring and evaluating the project implementation and its outcome,
  • providing guidance in drawing lessons and accumulated knowledge from the project implementation,
  • providing guidance on project implementation reports and preparing a final report based on those project implementation reports with the evaluation of the project by the NetRes institute for submission to APFED, and
  • providing guidance in preparing an information sheet for registration in the APFED Good Practices Database

For more information on NetRes, please visit the APFED Programme website.

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