Publications' Launch Event Opening Session Video by Kaveh Zahedi

The APFED Showcase Programme has produced two capstone publications as its outputs while sharing the knowledge garnered under the programme and inspiring policy-makers, practitioners and media professionals alike to embark on the sustainability path.

The “Casebook on Innovative Activities for Achieving Sustainable Development in Asia and the Pacific” is our way of telling these grassroots stories to a greater audience, offering sustainable solution options to problems such as Read More

Casebook on Innovative Activites for Achieving Sustainable Development in Asia and the Pacific

The publication demonstrates empirical lessons and valuable insights into local innovations in the areas of climate changes, biodiversity and ecosystems, waste management, water conservation, capacity development and stakeholder empowerment. By sharing these innovative activities, UNEP hopes to offer solution options to other communities and increase, helping to put Asia Pacific on the path to sustainable development from the ground-up.

This publication is a compilation of stories and reports by ten journalists from the Asia Pacific region on pressing environmental challenges and innovative actions on a broad spectrum of environmental issues - adaptation and resilience to climate change, access to and use of natural resources, mitigation of land-based pollution, solid Read More

"To download the interactive electronic version of the "Environmental Dispatches: Reflections on Challenges, Innovation and Resilience in Asia-Pacific", please click here."
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