UNEP-APFED Showcase LIVE Online Book Launching! You're Invited! Thursday 28 May at 11:00 (THA). 'Read More' to Enroll for Free!

This Live Webinar is a fun and educational book launching for two publications produced by the Asia Pacific Forum for Environment and Development (APFED Showcase Programme). We will be discussing the latest publications, which are focused on sustainable development at the grassroots level in the Asia Pacific region and written by up-and-coming journalists and sustainable development project implementors. This event is open to all interested in the subject matter. **All Attendees will receive free thumb-drive copies of the books, which include documentary extras.***

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Where: WizIQ Educational Portal

When: Thursday, 28 May 2015 at 11:00 Thailand Standard Time (THA)

During this hour-long online session, UNEP-APFED Showcase Programme will be launching its latest publication:   

APFED Showcase Casebook on Innovative Activities and Good Practices

 Asia Pacific is at the forefront of global discussions on sustainable development and the melding of environment and economic policies.  From access to clean water to biodiversity conservation and sustainable agriculture - community involvement and investment when solving environmental challenges is crucial to managing local resources. In China, local communities are utilizing new methods of mediation via public participation in protecting environmental rights of citizens.  In Viet Nam, a small conservation research and development center is working to develop effective rice-husk gasification techniques to mitigate climate change.  Through local marine and coastal zoning management, communities in the Philippines are effectively protecting sea-based livelihoods.  Rural households in Pakistan are enabled to create and maintain water-purifying systems for better health.

 The APFED Showcase Booklet of Good Practices and Innovative Activities demonstrates empirical lessons and valuable insights into local innovations in the areas of climate changes, biodiversity and ecosystems, waste management, water conservation, capacity development and stakeholder empowerment. By sharing these innovative activities, UNEP hopes to offer solution options to other communities and increase, helping to put Asia Pacific on the path to sustainable development from the ground-up.

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