Selection Criteria

Eligibility of applicants

To be eligible to apply for the Programme:

  • The organization and project site(s) are in Asia and the Pacific region ( click here for list of eligible countries )
  • The applicant must be a representative of an organisation that has been properly registered under the laws of the country for more than three years as an organisation working continuously for the promotion of sustainable development in a country in the Asia-Pacific region.
  • The organisation must have sufficient capacities to implement the proposed activities.
  • The organisation must be able to show its legal status and to present its recent annual report including financial statements at the time of concluding a contract. The organisation that fails to provide the mentioned documents shall be disqualified from receiving funds under the Programme.

Eligibility of projects

The proposed projects must satisfy the following requirements to be eligible for the Programme.

  • Projects must demonstrate innovative policies, measures, and actions including community empowerment and technology application with a view to promoting behavioural changes toward achieving sustainable development and generating positive impacts on environmental performance in Asia and the Pacific.
  • The concrete outcome must be demonstrated in terms of behavioural or environmental performance. In other words, the experimentation and demonstration of pilot schemes are essential components of the project. Therefore, mere literature review, report writing, or organisation of meetings and study tours per se shall not be eligible.
  • Projects must not have been implemented yet or must be at the very early stages of implementation. The incremental component for improving environmental performance within the ongoing or completed projects makes such a project eligible for the Programme.
  • The project implementing organisation must have already secured core funds including in-kind contributions to support the implementation of the APFED Showcase project.
  • Projects must be designed to be implemented in partnership with other relevant organisations and stakeholder groups as well as NetRes institutions.
  • Projects must aim to demonstrate impacts that are measurable within the project implementation period.
  • The project implementation period shall be from 6 months to 24 months.
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