Congratulations to the APFED Showcase Fellows!!

Asia-Pacific leads the world in natural resource consumption.  It is also the fastest growing source of greenhouse gas emissions.  By 2030, its contribution to carbon dioxide emissions is projected to be nearly half of the global total.  Six of ten countries rated as being highly vulnerable to climate change hail from the Asia Pacific region.  For all countries in the region, floods, drought and increasingly unpredictable weather patterns are impinging on food security. In an effort to both combat and adapt to these changes, local governments and civil societies in Asia Pacific countries are finding creative, innovative solutions to environmental problems, helping to put the region as a whole on a more sustainable trajectory.  However, these innovative approaches to environmental challenges are often not widely recognized, especially when it is small, local communities who are adopting them. 

From the UNEP-APFED Regional Media Workshop held late last year, the programme has competitively selected 10 exemplary journalists from throughout the region to document and write about these innovative approaches to sustainable development.  These talented journalists have accepted a 3-month Fellowship under which they will use print, broadcast or film mediums to develop an in-depth story on one APFED Showcase project ongoing within their country or sub-region of origin. 

The APFED Showcase Programme Fellows for 2013 are:

  1. Ms. Wang Yan, China
  2. Ms. Tran Thi Thuy Binh, Viet Nam
  3. Ms. Almakul Uzbekova, Kyrgyzstan
  4. Ms. Nusrat Islam Khan, Bangladesh
  5. Ms. Khin Su Wai, Myanmar
  6. Ms. Smriti Felicitas Mallapaty, Nepal
  7. Ms. Rolynda Jonathan, Palau
  8. Mr. Felino Antonio Gaston, Philippines
  9. Mr. Masrur Jamaluddin Ahmad, Indonesia
  10. Ms. Pituwalaliyana Nadeera Dilruikshi Handunnetti, Sri Lanka
The stories the fellows create will be published in the Fall of this year. More details to come. 
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