UNEP Regional Media Workshop Concludes in Kathmandu, Nepal

Close to 70 print, broadcast and electronic media professionals from 21 countries in Asia Pacific participated in the UNEP Regional Media Workshop, ‘Environment in Asia Pacific: Communicating the Issues’, organized 18-21 November in Kathmandu, Nepal. The workshop was organized to bring journalists into active dialogue with environment experts on some of the most pressing environmental issues facing the region and deepen their understanding of these issues. The workshop resulted in dynamic discussions between media and experts and recommendations from media on how UNEP can better engage with them. These include, among others, encouraging UNEP to organize more media fellowships and regional media awards to motivate media, the importance of regional/national context in UNEP reports, use more social media and to have a micro-site for media in the UNEP website for media.

All media present said that the workshops and face-to-face dialogue with experts was useful for their work and encouraged UNEP to continue to do so at regional and national levels. The media is a key channel to transmit and disseminate information on UNEP's work and relevance and increase it's visibility. UNEP should allocate resources to organize regional and national media workshops in Asia Pacific.

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