APFED Media Fellowships

From the UNEP-APFED Regional Media Workshop held in late 2012, the programme competitively selected 10 exemplary journalists from throughout the region to document and write about environmental challenges and innovative approaches to sustainable development.  These talented journalists accepted a Media Fellowship under which they used print, broadcast or film mediums to develop a total of 3 in-depth stories on environmental issues in their countries or sub-regions of origin. The journalists reported on emerging issues derived from the Geo-5 Global Outlook and initiatives under the joint UNDP/UNEP Poverty-Environment Initiative. They also interviewed citizens and local governments regarding outcomes and impacts of the APFED Showcase pilot projects.

The results of the journalists’ work are currently published in Asia Pacific press outlets and will also be contextualized and compiled in an APFED publication aimed at disseminating environment and conservation-related stories from across the region as well as providing a resource on environmental journalism to journalism schools in the region.  The publication is due to be completed in early 2015. Read More

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